CommunityExperience Using Brock Paverbase?

Experience Using Brock Paverbase?

Anyone ever use Brock 36″L x 24″W Interlocking Paver Base Panel? (or Paverbase)

It's supposed to be able to take the place of 4-5″ of crushed stone. I have about 250 square feet and it would save me a ton of earth removal! It's about $13 through Lowes but it would save a ton of work. Thanks to anyone who has used it for feedback!

The Money Pit Answer

We're not familiar with this particular product, but the approach sounds like it makes sense.  DIY-ers often struggle with preparing a base for paver patios.  This product allows for a lot less preparation, because the individual pieces are so large - which means the load is spread out across a bigger area. 
Again, we have no experience with it, but you might want to give try.  Keep in mind that because it's synthetic, it won't look as realistic as a true paver that, when installed correctly, can last eons.