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Engineered Vinyl Planks Lifting

Hello, I installed engineered vinyl planks over concrete in my living room.  I skim coated the entire floor prior to gluing down the planks. The edges of the planks were lifting the next day. What is the reason for this and how can I fix it?


The Money Pit Answer

It's not possible to know exactly what's happening here based on the information you've provided.  However, I suspect that there is an incompatibility between the "skim coat" and the vinyl floor adhesive (assuming this is not a floating floor).  I do wonder why you opted for the skim coat as this kind of layer is traditionally difficult to get to adhere and not usually necessary under such a thick floor product.

My advice would be to contact the floor manufacturer and give them the specific product you used as the skim coat, along with photos of the lifted floor and see what advice they may offer.