CommunityEnergy Efficient Refrigerators: Bottom mount refrigerators offer space plus efficiency

Energy Efficient Refrigerators: Bottom mount refrigerators offer space plus efficiency

I have a refrigerator that is older than time and I am ready to purchase a new one. With so many models to choose from, can you give me some tips on the features I should be most interested in?

The Money Pit Answer

When it comes to buying a new refrigerator, there are two main considerations: space and energy efficiency. 
You might not realize that your old refrigerator could perhaps be the most inefficient energy wasting appliance in your house.  New, Energy Star rated refrigerators use far less energy.  In fact, some can operate on less energy than it takes to power a 75 watt light bulb!  When looking at new refrigerator models, be sure to check that the unit is Energy Star rated and compare its energy usage to other models you may be considering.
To find a refrigerator with the most usable space, you really should look at bottom mount refrigerators. Bottom mount refers to a refrigerator design where the bottom section of top-bottom units is used for freezing, and the top section is used for refrigeration. These refrigerators were popular in the 50's and 60's and are making a come back in a big way.
In fact, according to experts from Sears, the largest retailer of appliances in the nation, the bottom mount portion of the refrigeration industry has grown 67% in recent years. That's one reason Sears introduced their very popular Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator, a 3-door refrigerator that gives you the best of both the side-by-side and bottom mount designs. 
The interior layout of Trio type refrigerators is very appealing because they offer capacity for wide items like pizzas and party platters, making them very efficient.  Also, slide-out, spill-proof shelves in the fresh food compartment and glide-out baskets in the freezer make getting to your favorite foods that much easier.
Besides energy efficiency and space, many new models are now available with finishes that resist fingerprints and smudges.  For example, stainless steel seems to be the belle of the ball these days but even she gets her frequent blemishes.  LG Electronics offers what they call a Titanium color for their products which will resist all fingerprint marks, and Jenn-Air has introduced a glass finish which coats the outside of the appliance with a glass-like fingerprint resistant finish.