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Electric Steam Kettle for a Gas Stove

I just bought a gas stove for my den that looks like cast iron.  We built a stone platform for it and it looks great.  The top does not get hot.  We want to find an electric kettle that looks like one you would put on a real wood burning stove to add moisture to the air but can't find anything.  I have searched electric wood stove kettles and similar but nothing comes up.  Certainly, I can't be the only one out there who wants the moisture and the look at the same time.

The Money Pit Answer

You can get electric kettles that have a vintage or traditional look.  Here are a few:

Cuisinart Traditional Electric Kettle

White Electric Kettle with Rosebud Pattern

Touch Top Cover Electric Kettle

If you're willing to go second-hand, you can find older electric tea kettles on eBay that may have the look you're going for -- like this one.

Try searching for "Vintage Electric Tea Kettle" or just "Electric Tea Kettle" or "Electric Teapot" using Google Images, Amazon or eBay.