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You keep recommending EasyWater on your show to solve hard water issues.  However, I cannot find any definitive review of the product from an independent source.  I have found many complaints and some praises of the product.  Have you found any review from organizations such as consumer reports that have tested this system fully?  

Please help.  I would love to use this product, but would not want to be throwing my money away on a scam product.

The Money Pit Answer

I installed an EasyWater system at home and I was happy with the result.

EasyWater doesn't have any independent studies on their product, because frankly, the usual sources like Consumer Reports, Energy Star, etc., have never tested hard water electronic descalers.  Several years ago, Rinnai tested EasyWater, and it eliminated all the existing scale, and well as prevented new scale from forming. 

EasyWater lets homeowners try the product for 90 days risk-free, so you can decide for yourself if it works for you.  I would advise you to take advantage of the trial.  After all, no business stays in business if their product isn't working -- and EasyWater is most definitely still in business. 

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GreenChristopher answered 7 years ago

Dear DanMan, The electromagnetic technology utilized by EasyWater is the same as utilized by Scalewatcher and you can find Independent Research here: (make sure you open the .pdf files).-
In my experience they are BOTH excellent products which do what they promise as found by this comparison (scroll to bottom of this site) .-
You may find that a lot of the negative statements come from the salt water softener industry who is being threatened by this modern technology. Good luck in your research.