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I’m looking for easy shelves to install on a wall.  What are the options for good-looking, do-it-yourself easy shelving for a display wall? I’d like to find shelves that are not too industrial or attached to distracting adjustable tracks.

The Money Pit Answer

You don't have to look far for easy to install shelves that look great. Several manufacturers make shelves that are attractive.  IKEA offers a collection of attractive, interchangeable shelf components, including the minimalist Bjarnum brackets which can be nicely paired with the Jarpen shelf.
For more options, visit a local Home Depot to find PGM Products' Floating Wall or Corner Shelves and railing-trimmed Gallery Shelf.  For more decorative detail, check out specialty home retailers like Anthropologie, which has a collection of brackets whose detailing is inspired by such architectural icons as the Chrysler Building and Eiffel Tower.