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Drainage Problem Solution Needed for Low Foundation Wall


I am hoping for some advice on a water problem that we have.  Currently during heavy rains water can seep in over the foundation wall top on the front and right side of the house(when facing it).  Our re-grading options are limited because next door apartment building drive way is higher than us.  Even if I attempt to slope away the soil, the wall top will still be below ground.

We just had a bunch of dirt in the front removed and sod installed as low as we could, but front foundation wall top is still below ground.

2.4 of inspection shows this is in attached picture.  Picture 1 is the front and Picture 2 is the side.

I have heard and read that you could create a retaining wall against the exterior of the house using pressure treated wood that would allow me to create a slope and have a barrier between the house and soil/water.  I have also read that you could glue a heavy plastic to do this well.

My plan in mind is to have some type of wood or plastic that would allow me to raise the grade enough for a slope and then use rock/gravel for better drainage.

Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.


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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

Braun, I recognize your difficult situation and think a curtain drain might be a way out.  Curtain drains are essentially below grade perforated pipes that are designed to catch water and quickly run it out to a discharge point.  See:

The goal here would be to install the curtain drain where it could intercept the run-off from the higher driveway and discharge it downstream before it can soak in to the soil around your foundation.

You can add a retaining wall near the exterior wall to raise the level of the grade but you'd still probably need the curtain drain to collect the excess water and discharge it.