Doors Won’t Shut in Winter

In the winter, several doors in different locations in my house will not catch and stay shut. When the weather warms up and temperatures creep back up, the doors catch in their latches again. I have been in this house for 14 years and the pattern repeats. Do you think this is a structural problem?  I have thick black plastic in the crawl space, and about a foot is taped up the walls to try to control moisture.  Thank you in advance, Frank Larry

The Money Pit Answer

What you're describing is actually pretty typical.  Homes always expand and contract.  You can re-hang your doors to allow for this.  The good news is, I don't think the door problem in and of itself is indicative of larger structural problems, unless you see any other evidence of movement such as cracks in your walls. 

Your DIY crawlspace idea is good.  You also want to make sure your outdoor drainage is sufficient, and includes extension of downspouts at least 4 to 6 feet away from your home's foundation.  Why?  Because the more water that collects around your home's exterior walls, the more movement you'll get.