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Does Waterproofing Paint Work?

Would the application of a “waterproofing” paint be worth it before finishing my basement?

I want to ensure that my new home (built in 2013) has a dry basement for many, many years. It is currently dry and already has all the right exterior features: Sloping yard, no landscaping around the perimeter, great gutters and drainage, just as you have described on your show. So before I have the basement finished, would it be worth applying a “waterproofing” paint to the poured-concrete walls?

The Money Pit Answer

Congratulations on taking all the proper steps to ensuring your basement remains leak-free for many years to come!
Adding a damp-proofing paint is not a bad idea, but only because you've already taken all of the other, more preventative steps toward waterproofing your basement.  If you asked whether this was a wise first step, I'd say no.  No paint can stop water from getting in.  However, with all other preventative measures intact, damp-proofing paint CAN reduce humidity that inevitably forms in basements.  I say "inevitably" because any foundation below grade is going to get damp, since it's against outside dirt.  Moisture wicks its way through the concrete, gets inside, and evaporates into the inside air, no matter the precautions.  So go ahead and add that damp-proofing paint as a final step toward ensuring dryness.