CommunityDoes Trane or Its Affiliates Pay Moneypit to Say This?

Does Trane or Its Affiliates Pay Moneypit to Say This?

We’re considering the system. We do have smaller and good systems that used to work in our smaller homes.
Does Trane or any of its affiliates pay or sponsor moneypit?


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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

SB, Trane is not a sponsor of The Money Pit.  CleanEffects is a good unit to consider.  Another is Aprilaires model 5,000.  See:  Suggest you consult with your HVAC contractor as well but we have had very good success with both of these units.  Hope this helps!

SB answered 6 years ago

Thanks much for responding.  I looked at the website at the info on whole house filtration systems and the one Trane advertises appears to clean down to the comparable size.  We did get a couple different estimates and this particular brand is popular around here.  I guess we'll learn how good it is by how long it lasts without problems.  I will report back if we have issues with any of the Trane components.

Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Trane, Carrier, York, Rheem, Honeywell, are just a few of the many manufactures who build and sell high efficiency filter systems and related accessories for forced air heating and cooling systems.


I have no idea what the affiliation with any of these companies have with Money Pit, but the real question is do these systems work?


The answer lies in the quality of the duct system and the ability of the installing contractor to properly size and construct the system that the filter is supposed to protect.


All of the filters much like a car, are tested for performance under ideal conditions.  You never get the same gas mileage as they state on the sticker, nor should you expect the same performance out of the filter that is claimed on the brochure.


Also choosing the wrong type of filter can cause all sorts of overheating issues, poor air flow to name a few things.  Age of furnace, blower type also must be weighed into this as well.


The better the filter the smaller partial is allowed through it. This in turn also prevents air from moving through as well.  This is why you see pleated filters that have overall a much larger surface area in which to trap dust.  Its not for the filtering effect, its to provide more free air movement so the blower can do its job and deliver the heat and cool air in the home.


Quite often people choose the high end filters at the home centers.  Not really understanding just what happens when they put these in.  The surface area is not large enough on many of them and the result is the furnace or AC system begins to starve for air. Where not going to discuss all the ill effects it has on the mechanical side of the system but its not good.  But what happens air still needs to get to the blower.  So any duct leaks that are after the filter system location now become spaces in which air will begin to enter, In effect bypassing the new higher efficiency filter you just put in. If these leaks are in un-conditioned space, such as dirty basements, or in attics.  Your pulling dirty air and damp cold or hot air that the system will now need to re-condition.  The result is higher energy bills and discomfort that has not gone away.  So these high end filter systems should be installed by someone who fully understands this issue and does what is right. 


The brand of filter and its performance is only as good as the person that puts it in.