Do I Need to Ventilate a Storm Door?

I recently installed a new fiberglass entry door that looks great. We have considered installing a storm door outside for added protection, and so we can have a full-view glass door during warm months. I've heard though that I need to vent the door so it doesn't warp or ruin the entry door.  If so, how do I do this?  Or should I just skip the storm door?

The Money Pit Answer

Preferences aside, you do not need to install a storm door over fiberglass entry door.  Storm doors were far more necessary with wooden doors that were naturally drafty, and metal doors, which needed to be shielded from the cold.  But fiberglass doors solved those problems.  That said, it makes sense you want to install a storm door to take advantage of outdoor views when temperatures allow for it.  Again, venting is not necessary with fiberglass, but to keep air flowing, swap out your storm door's glass for a sceeen when seasons change and temperatures rise.