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Deteriorating Concrete Walls

Please help. Approx 25 yrs ago my garage foundation walls were placed, 10″ walls,approx 6 ‘ deep no exterior waterproofing slab on grade interior floor Lately the walls have developed a spalling , white efflorescence and pimply appearance. Not sure if it is due to water run off the roof and over time the walls have become water soaked. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The interior face of wall is approx 18″ above slab on grade

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Guest Staff answered 7 years ago

You say "lately." Does this mean that for the last 1/4 century, the walls were fine and then, only recently, this problem has developed?

If so, then remember that there is no change without change. Look for the thing that's changed. Are the garage gutters working properly to collect every drop of roof water or are they full of leaves and overflowing? Do they send that water far away from the garage or just dump it next to the foundation? Is the soil around the garage sloped away from the foundation or is it level? Worse yet, does it slope toward the foundation?

Has there been a change in landscaping? New plants added or removed? New hose bibs? A new irrigation system? New irrigation schedule?

Follow the water.

Edward Sherlock answered 7 years ago

Jim thanks for the email. Roof has no gutters and has always dropped right next to foundation walls Nothing has changed over the past 25 years Grading could be an issue I will review

Spalling has been ongoing for approx 5 yrs

Sounds like water absorbtion into the concrete

If i regrade away from foundation with a more pronounced slope what if anything should be done to the interior walls that are deteriorating