Creating an Outdoor Room: Tips to turn your patio into a comfortable outdoor room

My husband and I love to entertain but are short on space.  How can we make our exterior patio feel like an extension of our home and decorating style by creating an outdoor room?

The Money Pit Answer

Creating an outdoor room that is an extension of your home is a smart project.  Whether you have a patio or deck, or simply want to set aside a space on your lawn, there are many weather proof elements that can be combined to create an inviting outdoor room space.
The first step in creating a comfortable outdoor room is to define the visual borders of that area. This can be done with furniture, awnings or trellises.
You can also create a tented ceiling for your exterior room. To do this, install two trellises or arbors at either end of your new space, and use bamboo from your local garden center to run the length between the trellises. Place one at the top and then two on each side where the curve starts. Then, lay panels of your favorite fabric over the top piece of bamboo. It will run toward each of your two side pieces. Place the fabric between the two pieces of bamboo on the sides. You can billow the fabric panel as much as you like from the top to the side pieces, making sure there is enough clearance for folks to walk around your outdoor room.
It's important to make sure that any furniture you place in your exterior patio room is weatherproof, including the fabrics for the furniture or any type of awning you may create. A great website for exterior furniture and fabrics is Giati. All of the fabrics are 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics and are guaranteed not to crack, fade, split, or peel. They are also scrubbable and mildew resistant. Fabrics like these can customize your outdoor room without sacrificing any of your style.