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Cracks in Drywall Over Interior Doors

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We have several interior doors that stick or won't completely close in the winter. We also get cracks in the drywall mud above the doors, so I think something else is going on besides just humidity changes in the door and frame. This is a wood framed house with wood trusses and a metal standing seam old-fashioned roof. I remember hearing a DIY radio show discussing the issue but I can't remember the solution. I think it had something to do with the wooden trusses in the attic. Any information is appreciated.

The Money Pit Answer

You might be describing a condition called truss uplift.  With a home that's suffering truss uplift, trusses will bow upward in the winter and settle downwards in summer months. 
The solution to truss uplift is to modify the way the trusses are attached to your exterior walls.  They need to be attached with brackets rather than nailed directly in place.  In severe cases, nails are removed or cut and brackets are installed in their place, which allows the trusses to move more easily, and without taking the walls with them.  This is not a job for an amateur!  While you might have heard about it on DIY show, it's certainly not a DIY project. 
Int doors sticking in off season is a common problem with or without truss issues.  Can be shaved to stop this happen, or have a pro adjust it.  Hinge side can be - hard to describe - six ways a door can move, and a pro can tweak any one of those directiont o reduce clearance between door and jamp