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Controlling Dryer Lint Outside

I have a relatively new dryer (less than 2 years old) and it allows a lot of lint and hair to bypass the lint trap and exhaust outside.  I have a short vent, as the dryer sits against an outside wall, and the dryer vent pops directly through the wall.  

My problem: The vent sits about one foot above our wood deck, so all the lint/hair makes a mess of the deck.  I thought about putting some type of extension on the vent to direct the vent undeneath the deck, but the problem is that I have a basement window right under it.  We have a “look-out” basement and the set of windows right below the vent belong to my daughter's bedroom.  If I direct the vent down I am afraid the lint/hair will make a mess of the window/screen or collect all over the underside of the deck.  If I extend the vent sideways to clear the deck, I would need to use a sharp 90-degree bend and run it about 8 feet to clear the deck.

Is there any way to have some type of secondary trap outside to capture and control the lint.

Oh, and with three girls we do A LOT of laundry.

The Money Pit Answer

First off, the fact that your dryer is being vented so efficiently is actually a good thing.  Thousands of home fires result from clogged dryer ducts.  Getting that lint out of the house efficiently is very important.
The idea of a 90-degree bend seems to make the most sense, considering there's such a short distance between your dryer and duct. You probably have enough air pressure to push the lint through one 90-degree bend and out.  I wouldn't add more bends than that, though.   Adding a 90-degree curve is equivalent to adding twenty feet of straight duct in terms of the resistance needed to push lint through it.