Concrete Patio: Repair or Replace?

My older home has concrete and pea gravel for the drive and patio deck around the pool.  The rocks are coming loose and I have sealed them but feel it is time to put in a new covering…what is best from a cost and longevity standpoint? 

The Money Pit Answer

You can certainly make concrete patio repairs yourself.  However, if the material is deteriorated, with  cracks and significant damage, there is no point in putting a second layer on top of it.  It's best to just tear out what's there and replace it. 

If the patio just needs some touch up, you can use a concrete resurfacer for this project.  Quikrete makes an excellent product just for this purpose.

Because resurfacers contain a compound to help them adhere to the original concrete, It's important to prepare the surface for proper adhesion.  This includes sweeping away any loose material or debris, as well as cleaning dirt from the surface of the concrete.