Code Violation on Carport Conversion

I recently purchased a home that was converted from a carport to a living space. I received a code violation notice and now I either need to bring it up to code or turn it back into a carport. I would like to keep my living space. The city said I would need to hire an engineer and submit plans. Can you please tell me the most cost effective way to keep my living space???? Thanks

The Money Pit Answer

Typically, converting a carport to a living area violates many building codes and ordinances unless major changes are made. Carports usually have no foundation - they are essentially patios with roofs. The next best step for you, then - as the city said- is to hire an engineer to evaluate the structure, determine what's needed to bring it up to code, and take things from there. I would also address the home inspector. Presuming you had a home inspector involved in the transaction, this type of substandard construction should have come up during your the inspection. I would also talk with an attorney to determine whether you have cause of action against the home's prior owners, as well. The fact that a homeowner is able to sell a house doesn't mean they're not responsible for disclosing anything that's not to code.