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Clearing Brush From Wetlands

I am clearing brush at the back of my yard, and area that adjoins Federal wetlands. Since I have lived in this house, I have always had problems with brush from the edge of the wetlands encroaching on my yard, and have had to cut it back every few years. Is there anything I can do to keep the brush from growing back without causing any problems in the wetlands? Thanks for your help!

The Money Pit Answer

While I'm sure there are many regulations that dictate what you can and cannot do on Federal land, I'd imagine that on YOUR land you have the right to maintain the property in any way your see fit.  That said, I'd suggest that you use a herbicide like Round Up to slow down the spread of the brush to your lands.  When applying the product, be mindful of the wind direction to avoid having the material land where you don't want it!