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Changing a Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood

Last week you had a caller that was wanting to replace his carpeted stairway with hardwood. You did not have any really good ideas of how to do this.

One of the advertizers in Fine Homebuilding magazine is Young ( They have a product called young RetroTread. They say “makes it easy to renovate any carpteted stairway to premium hardwood.” This sounds like just the product that your caller was looking for.

Jeff Kutz

The Money Pit Answer

The reason we didn't have any great ideas is this is actually a difficult thing to do. If stairs are built to be seen, they'll be constructed of hardwood. Carpeted stairs are typically constructed of pine or fir, which is not all that attractive with the carpet off. The website you suggested is a good one. It's a solid veneer approach, but does require at least some basic carpentry skills to complete and will also slightly impact the height of each step. The first step will be higher and the last step will be lower than what you're used to, which could be a tripping hazard. All in all, if you've got the skills to install it, it looks like a good approach.