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Central Air Conditioning Fan Making Loud Noise

Just last week, the central air conditioning fan inside my home started making a constant loud noise.  What could be causing it?  Could the fan be hitting something?

The Money Pit Answer

There are several possible causes for a noisy forced air system.  When a fan's bearings begin to wear out, it's generally characterized by a lot of vibration and racket.  There's also the possibility the fan is baked with dirt or dust, which is forcing it out of balance, again resulting in noise. There's also a chance something inside the compartment has gotten loose and is rubbing against those fan blades.  To get to the bottom of the problem, have the fan thoroughly evaluated by a HVAC tech.  While that tech is in your home, make sure he or she also services your entire system for the upcoming season - whether it's summer coming up, or winter.