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Carpet Over Cement Slab

I live in a ranch on a concrete slab in an area with a high water table. I am getting new carpet and would like to know – should I treat the concrete with any kind of paint or sealer before laying the carpet?

The Money Pit Answer

First, laying carpet on a damp slab is a bad idea, especially if anyone in your home is prone to allergies.  Carpet will trap dust mites that can aggravate allergies, and can also fuel mold growth.  The best flooring for a moisture-prone slab is something like a laminate or engineered hardwood.  If you opt to move forward with the carpet, though, at least paint the slab beforehand with two coats of masonry sealer paint, similar to what you'd use on a basement wall.  This will help cut down moisture.  Lastly, take steps to reduce the moisture that collects at the foundation perimeter to your home. This will cut down on the water that makes its way in.  Good luck!