CommunityCan I Replace a Roof Covered In Solar Panels?

Can I Replace a Roof Covered In Solar Panels?

I need to replace my roof, which has solar panels installed for heating my pool. What do I need to watch out for when talking to roofing contractors? The panels have to be removed and then reinstalled upon completion of the roof.

Every roofing contractor reassures me that may not be a problem; however, I'm very skeptical.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

The Money Pit Answer
The skill set for installing solar panels is quite different than the skill set for removing and replacing a roof.  Unless you happen to be dealing with a roofer in the solar energy business, you should hire two separate contractors.  I'd engage a pro in the solar panel business to remove the existing system, store it property, and reinstall it after your roof is done.  Trusting this to the roofers doesn't make sense, or seem fair to the roofers.  Good luck!