CommunityCan I Finish White Cabinets?

Can I Finish White Cabinets?

We'd like to paint our oak kitchen cabinets.  Your article on this topic was really helpful, but I have one follow-up question: I'm concerned that the paint will chip or scrub off, so I want to finish it once its dry.  However, my past experience with polyurethane or varnish resulted in yellowing. Since the color I want is a crisp white, yellowing would be bad.  

Is a clear finish necessary? If so, what could we use that wouldn't yellow?

The Money Pit Answer
I wouldn't be too concerned about yellowing if you're using a urethane-based or oil-based finished paint. And here's another option: You could use exterior grade paint.  Exterior paints have more UV additives built into them, and don't require a clear finish.  Just make sure to carefully follow all prep steps.  I recommend oil-based paint because it's less likely than latex-based paint to chip.   Good luck!