CommunityCan I Add Vinyl Siding Over Wood Shingles?

Can I Add Vinyl Siding Over Wood Shingles?

I'm thinking about adding vinyl siding to my summer home in New England.  The house has wood shingles on it right now. I have been getting estimates from several contractors. Some say that the wood shingles have to come off, but others say that the shingles must stay on. Who is right?

The Money Pit Answer
The best approach is to remove the old shingles.  Here's why: If you layer vinyl siding on top of shingles, the added depth result in windows and doors being set unusually far back.  It just doesn't look right.  There's absolutely no benefit to leaving the shingles on.  Shingles add no insulation whatsoever.  Plus, the vinyl siding will appear much smoother without the old shingles underneath.