CommunityCan Get Grout Clean. Any Other Options?

Can Get Grout Clean. Any Other Options?

I can't get rid of the black spots on my shower grout. I have tried the shower cleaners and bleach, and have even had someone re-grout the shower. Is it possible to clean the grout, or do I need to remove the tile and start over?

The Money Pit Answer
You have two options: Stain the grout a darker color to hide stains, or remove it and regrout.  You mentioned already regrouting, but you can't do that wout removing the old grout first.  A wide variety of power tools and hand tools are available for grout removal.  Once the old stuff's out, apply fresh grout that is stain-resistant.  Stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant grout is more expensive, but worh it.