CommunityBuilding a Room Addition: Do-it-Yourself vs. Hiring General Contractor

Building a Room Addition: Do-it-Yourself vs. Hiring General Contractor

We are going to be doing a 300 sq. ft addtion to our home. Will basically make 2 bedrooms larger but also be expanding 2 bathrooms a bit by moving one wall about 2 feet.  I am going to hire GC to do work. I want to defer some costs by doing the work myself. Once the concrete pad is poured and inside is framed i could take it from there. Would that be stepping on the General Contractor's toes too much?

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

As you have described this –YOU are the GC. GC’s typically oversee the entire job, and not just one or two elements.

A better approach is to (1) hire an architect to design and SPEC (very important) the entire addition. Those additional costs are well worth the expense as mistakes that happen mid-project are very, very expensive.

Then you can hire a masonry contractor to excavate and pour the foundation and slab, and a carpentry contractor to frame, side and roof the rest.

The architect can also help you by inspecting each contractor's work before payments are released.