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Broken Window in Exterior Door

I just broke the window in my side door.  By tomorrow night it is going down to 9 degrees, not to mention it is NOT safe to have such easy access to the house.  I was planning on replacing the door and doorframe in the spring, and it is NOT a project I can accomplish tomorrow.  Does anyone know of something relatively clear to see through (like plexiglass) and  VERY strong, while also being temperature tolerant, that I can attach on both sides, so it is both solid and better able to keep out the cold?

Thanks for your help…

The Money Pit Answer

If you take the window pane measurements to a home store, often they can order the replacement pane for you, if it's a standard size panel. 

Another solution would be to make a temporary "window" out of plexiglass.  You 'd have to caulk around the edges of the empty window frame, then install two layers of plexiglass.  Run a bolt through both layers.  If the plexiglass is in danger of bowing, you can always insert blocks of wood between the panes before bolting them in place.

If appearance is not an issue, you can also do this with plywood until the replacement window comes in.

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Lynne Miller answered 7 years ago

Thanks for your input. If it was warmer weather, I would have happily tried it myself. Although, there was so much paint on the door, I could not even find where the door frame met the pieces that held in the glass. It was not fun, but I ended up taking the entire door to the local hardware store. Considering the weather, they got it done in just about an hour…for which I was grateful. Actually, they had such a hard time at the hardware store getting it apart, it was better that I took it in there anyway. Now I know how to replace the glass, but hopefully won’t break it any time soon. 🙂

HI projects by choice are MUCH more fun than the necessary ones, aren’t they? 🙂