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Brick House Paint Peeling

I recently had my brick house painted and now both the brick and paint are peeling off of the house. The contractor is unwilling to do anything to correct this and is saying it’s my problem. Do you know what causes this condition? What can I do to fix it? And is this really a brick problem (my house is 23 years old, and we’ve never had this issue before), or did the painter do a poor job of priming and sealing the house?
The Money Pit Answer

There's no such thing as bad brick, but even if there was, the fault lies with the contractor and his poor assessment and preparation of the surface to be painted. I'd say you have a really good case against this so-called professional, and should consider taking him to small claims court if he maintains his refusal to address the problem.
At the route, this sound's like an adhesion problem. Was the brick pressure washed to remove the old paint? If so, did the contractor wait a week or so for it to dry out? Brick that gets wet, stays wet for a long time and paint doesn't stick to anything that is wet. Secondly, did the contractor us a primer? That would have been a crucial first step as only primer has the adhesive qualities to stick to a subsurface like brick.