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Batten Strip Removal

Hello.  I have a premanufactured home on a crawlspace in Cincinnati. The house has batten strips (I believe that is what they are called – vertical trim pieces every four feet).  Is there a way to remove these to make normal walls? Could you just tape it and spackle it or drywall over it? Also, would the repair crack with the change of seasons?  Thanks, love the show.

The Money Pit Answer

Assuming you're talking about interior walls, those strips may be covering places where sections of your manufactured home were attached together.  I see no reason you can't remove them, since they're only trim, and add a layer of 1/2" drywall over the entire wall surface.  Just make sure you overlap the seams in the original wall by at least one or two feet when you place the drywall boards, though.  In other words, don't line up drywall seams with original seams under the batten strips.  Good luck!