Bathroom Remodel | Smaller Bedroom vs. Larger Bath

Hi, I have a nice L shaped master bedroom with this tiny master bath and a normal size closet for an old house. We are talking about extending the bathroom straight across the room and moving the closet on the other side of the new bathroom. This would downsize the bedroom space significantly, but would still fit a king sized bed, night stand and one dresser. Would this hurt the value of our home when we go to sell or would it be a positive change?


The Money Pit Answer

That's a great question.  Home buyers appreciate both, and I suspect it will come down to personal preferences.  I don't like the idea of cutting into an otherwise roomy master bedroom, and would fully evaluate what changes might be made to remodel the bath without taking away from the master bedroom.

How important is that bathroom closet? Instead of pushing it to the master, you might consider simply adding an armoire to that space for additional storage.  Also, you should consider working with a CKBD, a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer, who may have other ideas on how to make the most of the space you have.

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MinnieColeman answered 7 months ago

I don’t think this will decrease the house value. My friend recently hired contractors from this website for bathroom remodel San Jose to update the look of the bathroom. She is in the process of selling the house, so the new look of the bathroom has added more value.