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Bathroom Leakage

I appreciate your answers.the only way I can fix it myself is by going to the roof and that is impossible for me.I cannot reach the spot tru attic.I have a fixed spot where it gets wet only when there is rain with wind.Once it stops then it gets dried.Do I have to go to thru a roof repairer and spend lot of money for this!can you advise me if I leave it like this is there chances of incurring into bigger problems! Thanks, Vijay naik

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Sheetal Werneke answered 6 years ago

A leak will most definitely lead to bigger problems, including major structural damage.  You know the saying, "a stitch in time saves nine"?  It applies here!  It is well worth the cost of hiring a roofer.  If you are afraid of getting ripped-off, we have two options.  One is to get a home inspection.  You can find an ASHI certified home inspector in your area at  This inspector will have no stake in your repair, and will be able to give you an honest assessment on your roof and many other parts of your home.  If the leak is caused by a plumbing problem, for example, and not a roof leak, an inspector would probably be able to tell you that.  The second is to visit a site like and get local recommendations for good roofing companies.  I would advise you to call into the program and speak to Tom and Leslie directly for more info.  We take caller questions most Wednesday evenings.  You can find details on our Facebook page.