CommunityAttic Ventilation on Concrete Clay Barrel Style Roof in South Florida

Attic Ventilation on Concrete Clay Barrel Style Roof in South Florida

I live in South Florida between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. My house was built in 1998. When I bought the house in 2010, I noted that none of the houses in my planned neighborhood, all built by the same builder, have attic vents near the ridge of the roof or anywhere else on the roof.  The house is on one floor and 3100 sg ft.

We all have numerous soffit vents, but no vents for heat to escape near the peak or ridge of the roof. I’m very well versed in home construction and am aware that some clay barrel style vents are difficult to spot. This is not the case here. We only have soffit vents.

That leads me to several questions. Was this designed like this  on purpose? If yes, why? Perhaps there is a reason for this in a high humidity climate that I’m unaware of. Was the builder just cutting corners? Where I moved from in Virginiia, all houses had soffit vents and ridge or vents near the peake to allow for airflow.

I am also planning to upgrade my 4-5″ of current batt insulation in the attic with blown in cellulose to bring it up to an R49. Our AC units, both fairly new, corrrecltly sized and operating as desinged, can’t get the tempeature in the house to below 75.

So, what are your thoughts on? 1. Do I need to add attic vents? If yes, what type and how many for my size house?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.

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