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Attic Ventilation and Insulation

I recently bought an old stone farm house.  Currently there is no insulation anywhere in the house.  I want to start up in the attic as my first insulation project.  Currently there is no ventilation in the attic space beside 3 drafty windows.  I hear on your show a lot about continuous ridge and soffit venting but I don't believe it will work on my house.  In the attic the stone walls come up about a foot above the attic floor and the roof rafters sit on the stone.  The house has soffits on the outside but they are not exposed in the attic.  Are there other ventilation options that would work with the construction of my house.  I am considering spray foam type insulation.  If it is applied to the underside of the roof making the space conditioned, would ventilation not be an issue anymore.  Also any opinion on spray foam on the underside of roofing, I see conflicting opinions on that method on the internet.  I have attached picture of the attic space for visual reference.  Thank you for your help.  Love the show. 

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I'm a big fan of conditioned attics with no ventilation. And it seems like your attic would be a good candidate for that setup. Here's some reading that will answer most of your questions: