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We recently experienced a significant hail storm with hail as large as golf balls. My asbestos siding has had the paint damaged and the orig siding is exposed, which does not have any paint or finish left on it. Being it was hit so hard I am nervous about it being on my home since I have young children. The insurance co while residing all the aluminum and insulbrick homes in ours and 3 surrounding neighborhoods simply said to repaint our siding. I believe they don’t want to replace because it would be more involved and costly to replace ours. Should I question their judgment? This is a 2 1/2 story home and I really cannot even asses the damage above the first floor. I am totally afraid of asbestos fragments and cancer risk. Thank you for your opinion.

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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

Judy, so long as the siding isn't badly cracked, then all they need to do is repaint.  The kind of sioding you have is called cement asbestos, and the asbestos is contained by a binder, not friable.  Paint is all you need so don't worry about increased exposure risk.