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Alternate Tar Coating for Cinderblock Foundation?

I recently offset and reconstructed a retaining wall against my house, which exposed more of the basement's exterior cinder block wall.   This previously underground cinder block has tar coating on it for waterproofing, and my wife and I hate how it looks.  We don't really want to tar the rest of the wall, and I know the existing tar will not come off without a sandblaster.  Any suggestions on what might look nicer?  I'm hoping  something like a white tar coating exists, just so it looks nice.

Any ideas?



The Money Pit Answer
There's a brand of foundation coating called Tanner Tuff II.  It's available at Home Depot and comes in several colors, including concrete grey and white.  As with all coatings, you need to make sure the surface you're applying it to is clean and dry.  And most importantly, don't remove the existing coating.  It was put there for a reason, and scraping it off won't have positive results.