CommunityAdding a Transom to My Front Door

Adding a Transom to My Front Door

I have a Colonial style house.  Two stories, with a 2sty foryer.  I plan on replacing my front door, which is a single with two side lites, but I'd like to add a straight fixed tansom above it.  There is a double-hung window above the door with a little over 4' of clearance.  The foyer is 11 1/2'  wide. There should be room.  The outside has painted redwood lapsiding.  It is quite brittle.  The inside is just sheetrock.  I'm not looking at buying a custom built door, but do want a good quality door like a Anderson, Pella, Marvin or the like.  Is this reasonably doable? I know a new header will need to be installed.  I know it's a tough DIY job, but for a skilled carpenter can this be done reasonably? 

The Money Pit Answer

Wow, that's a big project but it seems like you have the space to make it happen.  Getting this right, though, will involve reframing a lot of the front exterior wall, which is why I would definitely not recommend this be done by anyone other thst an extremely experienced DIY'r or more likely a pro.  Taking apart of the wall to the point you'll need to reframe the transom is a BIG project that, if done wrong, could negatively impact the structural integrity of the home, as well as impacts its value to a future buyer.