What Your Front Door’s Color Says About You

What Your Front Door's Color Says About YouA new year is a great time to launch a new look for your home, and freshening the main entry is a cost-effective way to impact its curb appeal and value. Your entry door is central to such a style statement, and, believe it or not, the color of your door says a lot about you and how you feel about your home.

According to Paint Quality Institute color expert Debbie Zimmer, color has a psychological component that communicates our feelings, moods, emotions and personalities. One way to express these is through the paint colors we choose for our homes, and since the front door is an exterior focal point, its finish color broadcasts core home values to guests, passersby and the neighborhood at large.

Wondering what your front door is saying about you? Here’s the psychology behind five top tones.

Blue: Ever-popular blue signals a place of refuge—a calm, serene, relaxing retreat from our hectic, demanding world.

Green: Also a popular front-door color, green communicates health, tranquility, safety and harmony of the living space inside.

Black: A black front door tells of a serious home inhabited by a person of substance. It expresses sophistication, power, strength and authority.

Red: Packing a powerful, passionate punch, red signals a vibrant home filled with life, energy and excitement.

Brown: The natural, organic look of a door painted or stained brown can send a few different kinds of messages. Brown generally conveys warmth, stability and reliability, but certain darker shades can express a desire for privacy or, in the extreme, isolation.

Whether you’re hoping to say something new with your front door or simply define what you’ve been feeling all along, changing the finish is a simple New Year’s project. Take time to properly prep the surface and choose a top-quality acrylic latex paint in a shade you love, and your new color statement will last for years.

Photo courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute

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