Upholstered Walls in a Snap!

Upolstered wall panelsRecently while doing interior design work for a client’s home theater the idea of doing upholstered wall panels seemed like a really great fit for the space. From a design stand point the wall panels would be fitted, glamorous, and just plain gorgeous to look at. From a practical point of view the fabric panels would help to sound proof the area for optimal audio quality when watching a movie at home.

When I started to think about how to best accomplish this, many ideas were swirling about in my head. Cover Luanne and attach with cleats, cover foam and double side tape them in place….Then I searched online and found a product that would help me to achieve a tight wall mounted fabric panel. Acoustical Surfaces Inc out of Minnesota had the answer; they fabricate Wall Mate, a variety of two part plastic tracks that get mounted to your wall in your desired size and shape. The tracks are available with different edges so you can either have a squared off edge to the fabric panel, beveled, or even rounded edge. This system is used in theaters and concerts halls all over the US and could not have been easier to install. They provided me with super detailed instructions, including photos that made the process very understandable and easy to achieve. They even provide tips on types of fabric to select and how much you will need to do your project.

Once we cut the tracks to size and mounted them to the wall, we attached homosote into the area on the wall that was going to be covered. The homosote helped us with sound proofing from neighbors and our own movie audio as well as created a smooth area for the fabric to cover. The fabric wraps over the edge of the top past of the track and then snaps into place on the mounted portion of the track. You start attaching the fabric along the top, then bottom edge, and then the sides, leaving the corners for last. The tracks can be reopened so you can keep working until you get the fabric exactly as you want it. The Wall Mate system helped me to create exactly the look I was going for in this home theater and was completely affordable and fun to install.

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