Top Tips for Undecking the Halls

Top Tips for Undecking the HallsAs you prepare to undeck the halls, take steps that’ll save time and trouble when you roll out the decorations again next year. Assessing what you have, purchasing replacements, and packing for safe storage and easy retrieval will preserve holiday magic and decorating safety. Here are top tips to keep in mind as you say farewell to the season.

Inspect and replace: As you dismantle seasonal decorations, take time to examine them for damage. Replace any burned-out bulbs and check for frayed wires. If any light strings have seen their last holiday, dispose of them carefully and stock up on new ones at a post-holiday discount.  

Keep lights tidy: To store holiday lights, cut cardboard into 12-inch-by-9-inch pieces and wrap light strings around them. Your lights will stay tidy, and they’ll also be easier to work with next year.       

Smarter storage: Store clean, dry holiday decorations in clear plastic bins so you can spot what’s inside, and be sure exposure to moisture doesn’t deteriorate the cheer. Specialized storage cases and bags for artificial wreaths and faux greenery help protect decorations and ease retrieval.

Start a seasonal rotation: Once your winter holiday boxes are packed, move them to the back of your storage area and bring spring decorations forward for easy access. The next season of celebrations will be here before you know it!

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