Top Roofing Color Trends for 2015

See the shades bound to dominate consumer interests in the year ahead.

Existing home sales hit their highest annual pace in 13 months this past October, with two consecutive months of year-over-year increases in October and November, the National Association of Realtors reports. Although home sales lagged last month, this could be an indication of increased real-estate activity to come. For homeowners, that may mean sprucing up their homes to get them ready to put on the market.

Curb appeal is easy to add by selecting an on-trend roofing option.

While neutral colors may work best inside to help potential buyers visualize a space, bolder choices on the exterior help distinguish a house from others around it or on the market. Curb appeal is easy to add by selecting an on-trend roofing option. Here are some of the roofing color trends customers will likely be seeking in the year ahead:


An equally popular color for interiors, especially the kitchen and bathroom, gray is also expected to dominate exteriors this coming year.

“Refined and elegant gray is not only accepted in today’s society, but an extremely popular choice,” said Kate Smith, the president of Sensational Color and a color consultant for DaVinci Roofscapes, in a news release. “From embracing natural graying hair to topping off the house with a gray slate roof, it’s hard to go wrong with gray.”

The color emphasizes security and stability and can be used to anchor more playful colors on a home’s exterior or to blend a variety of textures, Smith adds.

Dark Blue

In addition to more energy-efficient materials, Pro Roofing expects dark blue to be popular for roofing as a confident color choice that blends well with fashionable neutrals, such as Spring 2015 Pantone color selection Toasted Almond.

Deep Green

Earth tones have long been popular roofing choices and will continue to be in 2015, Pro Roofing notes. This follows general color trends that draw on natural surroundings to create welcoming looks.

Any of these selections should nicely suit another exterior trend emerging: the return of the solid white exterior. Modern Home Builder magazine notes customers will be gravitating toward this traditional style “because it reminds them of the past — perhaps a parent, grandparent or family member’s home.” Deep colors would work well not only as roofs but also as accents and trims.

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