Top Jobs for National Home Improvement Month

Most of us have a perennial list of home improvements, and are never at a loss for projects to do. But with May being National Home Improvement Month, the time is right to focus on evaluating and repairing the most major components of your home.

Top Jobs for National Home Improvement MonthShift your attention from gardening and landscaping to the structural issues and nagging inefficiencies that tend to magnify well after summer blossoms have gone. Here are the top five projects to tackle during National Home Improvement Month.

1. Check out your roof: A simple visual inspection of your roof will reveal the little problems that can turn into big, expensive situations. Get out the ladder or grab your binoculars and look for missing and broken shingles, buckling, blistering and other damage. Your findings will help you plan the next steps for a sound, secure roof, whether they lean toward repair or replacement.

2. Clean and inspect siding: Now’s a great time to clean dirt and algae from siding, as well as check for developments such as buckling, warping and insect damage. A pressure washer is a great help for the cleaning end of siding maintenance, but make sure to direct it away from windows to avoid damaging structure, screens and seals.

3. Look into more efficient windows: If your windows are leaky, hard to operate or tend to accumulate condensation, it’s time to plan for more efficient replacements. Let the Energy Star label be your guide as you shop options designed to save energy dollars and enhance the style of your home.

4. Get a look at gutters: Get your home’s gutters ready for action well before you need them, and prevent bigger problems like roof damage and basement leaks. Clear out collected debris, repair leaky spots, and replace any worn components. Also make sure gutters discharge well away from your home’s foundation, with properly sloped soil to move water in the right direction.

5. Head for the front door: The right front door will upgrade both your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. A high-performance fiberglass door is a great choice, and will stand up to the extreme weather conditions of seasons to come. Check out Therma-Tru‘s Tru-Defense Door System, which features enhanced weatherstripping, a corner seal pad, door bottom sweep and profiled sill that all work together to provide strength and stability in the entry door.

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