Toilet Causes Lights to Flicker

My lights flicker to the beat of a pumping sound whenever I flush the toilet, run faucets & use the shower. I’m thinking that there is a problem with my water pressure. I don’t know much about plumbing. This is my first home and I’ve been in it for over two years. I’m hoping these are problems I can fix on my own because I can’t afford to pay a professional to do the work; plus, I’d rather learn these things for in the future.

Wow that is really weird…and potentially dangerous!  The first thing that comes to mind is really a question:  Are you on well water?  If so, you’d have a well pump that might kick on every time your run water, especially if the pressure tank associated with the system was not functioning properly. 

When a well pump kicks on, it can draw a lot of electricity and if it was improperly wired to a lighting circuit, you’d definitely see lights flicker as the voltage ebbs and surges.  The pressure tank is supposed to fill up with water and allow you to draw off of that first, so the well doesn’t have to kick on every single time you open a faucet.  That is why I say that it may be a combination of these two factors causing the issue.

If you don’t have a well and are running off of city water, then I am really stumped, except to speculate that you must have a loose or deteriorated electrical connection that could be impacted by the vibration of the running water.

Regardless, this much is VERY clear:  Electricity and water don’t mix!  This is potentially dangerous and one of those time when you really do need to get a professional in to figure out why it is happening.

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