Tips for Winter Grilling

Tips for Winter GrillingLove grilling up dinner? You can actually do it year-round if you know how to tackle the challenges of grilling during the winter.

First, make sure you have a grill that’s up to the task. Heavy-duty grills that can retain heat are the best for wintertime grilling. Grills with insulated construction, heavy grates and gas grills with high BTUs help provide the higher heat and increased heat retention that’s needed in lower temperatures.

Besides the grill itself, there’s additional equipment that will help make your winter grilling experiences more comfortable – and safe. A patio heater can be a great way to stay warm while you’re tending the grill. And with the shorter days of winter, it’s important to have good lighting so you can grill safely and properly see whether the food has been cooked thoroughly. You can increase visibility with lighted grilling tools, such as lighted spatulas and tongs, or an attachable task light for your grill.

Another aspect of winter grilling that has to be dealt with is, of course, the weather. You’ll need to clear any snow away from the grill area and use ice melt to reduce the risk of slipping on icy patches. And the final consideration is having sufficient fuel for your grill. Don’t underestimate the amount of charcoal or gas you’ll need to use in cold weather. Consider having an extra bag or charcoal or backup gas tank so you don’t run out of fuel in the middle of cooking.

So if you’re big on grilling, don’t let winter get in your way. With some careful preparation and the right gear, you can keep on grilling despite snowfall and chilly temperatures.

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