Tips for Safety on the Stairs

Stairs are among the more precarious spots in the home, but they can be even more hazardous without the right hardware.  To keep everyone safe, follow these tips for pairing the right hardware with each set of stairs in your home:

— Stairs with at least three steps should have a hand rail mounted securely to the wall. 

— For open staircases, spindles should be installed.  Place spindles no more than six inches apart to prevent small children from squeezing in between

— Take special caution where steps are uneven, particularly in older homes.  You might have developed a second-nature instinct in navigating them, but your guests have had less practice.  Give them something to grab onto so they won’t get hurt.

By installing hand railings and spindles where you have stairs, you just might spare yourself – or a loved one – an unwanted  trip.

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