Time to Change Furnace Filters

Time to Change Furnace FiltersFor more warmth and healthier indoor air, ’tis the season to change your furnace filter. It may seem like a minor autumn to-do item, but it supports your system’s effective, efficient performance while preventing expensive repairs and keeping indoor air allergen-free.

Don’t drop in just any furnace filter, either. Shop for the most efficient and highest-quality filter you can find, because the better the filter, the more particulates it removes from the air. That means improved air quality in your winter-sealed home, helping your family to breathe more easily and sneeze a lot less.       

Once the heating season kicks into high gear, continue to change your furnace filter every month. And consider going a step further by adding a whole-house air cleaner to your HVAC system. It’ll remove virus-sized particles from the air, and will make a big difference for your indoor environment year-round.  

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