Suit Up for Yard Work Safety

Suit Up for Yard Work SafetyWorking in your yard is a great opportunity to combine exercise and the pursuit of outdoor beauty, but it can also lead to injury if you’re not dressed for the job. Whether your chores are big or small, make sure you’re suited up for safety.  

Sturdy work gloves are a smart start, giving you a better grip and shielding your hands from painful blisters. If you’ll be taking a stroll behind a lawn mower, be sure to wear work boots, long pants, gloves, and eye and ear protection. Even a quick pass with a string trimmer or edger calls for protecting your eyes and ears. The racket can hurt your hearing, and it only takes one stray pebble to permanently damage an eye.  

Got a chore that involves pesticides or other chemicals? Wear long pants, long sleeves and rubber gloves to protect your skin, and add a breathing apparatus and safety glasses.

After you’ve suited up and before you get started, take one more prep step: do a little stretching. It’ll minimize the muscle soreness that can result from hours of outdoor activity, especially if it’s been a while since you picked up a shovel, saw or trimmer.

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