Study finds 1 in 3 homes could make you sick


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foreclosureA new report from the non-profit National Center for Healthy Housing reveals as many as one out of every three homes in a metro area may have a home repair problem that exposes residents to significant health risks.

Created by the non-profit National Center for Healthy Housing, this first-ever national healthy housing indicator used US Census data to identify 20 key housing problems that relate to occupant health.

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0 thoughts on “Study finds 1 in 3 homes could make you sick

  1. Just about every day there’s something else we should be afraid of, from Swine Flu, to obesity, to improper eating, to dangerous cars, to climate change, to YOU NAME IT. Now it’s our house that’s killing us. What’s killing us is this never ending barrage of stuff to fear. I’m sorry to see this sort of ‘stuff’ show up on the Money Pit. Next thing you know, the government will start building us the kind of houses IT thinks we should have. Don’t laugh…!

  2. As an indoor air quality expert who works daily in the field, we are to blame for these kinds of articles ourselves! Sure, some studies like this may lean towards the answer the people who funded the group want to hear (like most global warming issues) but we still have to realize, we have introduced over 80,000 new chemicals to our homes in the past 15-20 years. Most building materials are produced with products that are mold food and causing massive mold growth issues and most indoor cosmetics and disign junk is from overseas where they use chemicals to produce them that ommit massive VOC’s and flat out kill us. We are not adding over a million children a year to the Asthma list because Mother Nature changed anything, it is our own products we surround ourselves with. If we could go back and build a house with the products they did 25 years ago the problems would mostly go away, but cutting a good old solid tree to make these products is somehow now prohibited (even though we have used less than 6% of our forests and planted over 14% back, we have more living trees today than in 1930)! I don’t get excited and "cut down" articles like this or the Money Pit for having them, use your own discretion and believe what you want, I see the sick people every day and with proper testing to verify it, it ususally ends up something in their house!

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