Staying on Top of Roof Snow Removal

Staying on Top of Roof Snow RemovalA layer of newly fallen snow may make your home look like it’s straight off of a holiday card, but leave snow there too long, and you’ll be dealing with a different kind of scene. A blanket of snow can hide freezing, leaking ice dams, and even lead to a dangerous collapse anywhere your roof is weak or out of repair.

Staying on top of snow removal is one way to keeping this season safe for your home and worry-free for you. A little sunshine and above-freezing temperatures will certainly help, but you can speed up the process with the right tools and a little muscle. Metal tools should be avoided, because they can get caught on shingles and end up doing more damage than good. Instead, use a snow cutter or snow rake. Both implements are designed especially for the task at hand, and allow you to tackle the job at a safe distance from the ground.

Keeping gutters and downspouts clear is also important to a rooftop snow removal strategy, allowing melting snow to be efficiently carried away from your house. Meanwhile, watch from indoors for any signs of leaks, water damage or weak spots so you can arrange to give them attention before the next snowfall. Whether your roof ends up needing spot repairs or a complete redo, building protection into that roofscape is a must. A few layers of ice-and-water shield under roofing material will prevent damaging, costly leaks, and proper insulation and ventilation at the attic level will reduce the temperature difference between your home’s interior and roof’s exterior.

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