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We are in the process of converting an existing lavatory to a full size bathroom within an in-law-apartment. We are limit on the amount of space to expand but need enough room to accommodate a handicap person using a walker. The contractor suggested installing a corner toilet which will allow room to move around with a walker. I’ve never heard of a corner toilet. Are there any concerns I should have with a corner vs. a standard toilet?  The brand is an Eljer Titan Triangle 17″ toilet.  Thanks a bunch!

You should be very happy with your contractor staying on top of new innovations to the building market place.  The Titan Triangle toilet was only just introduced by the manufacturer, Eljer, at their 102nd anniversary in Dallas in October 2006.  They are made to comply with the ADA and CABO/ANSI standards, the standards established by the American Disabilities Act, the Council of American Building Officials and the American National Standards Institute who ensure that all people can safely access all building.  Here is a link to the independent testing that was done on the toilet:

A corner toilet will free up space in the new bath allowing you to have more maneuverability in sometimes very crowded space.  For more information on bath access, you can also visiting the Home Design section of the website for the AARP.

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