Solution for a Leaky Boiler?


I went to put on heat first time and got no heat from my gas powered boiler (water baseboard heating).  What is did get was water dripping from a pipe that is opened on the bottom with a bell shaped valve on top.  There is water all over floor.  Do you have any trouble-shooting tips for a non home-savy person? 
julship 10-14-07 4:31pm

Actually, no.  I can’t advise you tackle this one yourself.  What I can do is speculate about what is happening though. 

It sound’s like the pressure relief valve is opening (also known as a temperature pressure or “TP” valve).  This valve is designed to open up if the pressure in the boiler exceeds 30 pounds.  Typically, a boiler in a 2 story home would operate at about 15 pounds.  If your boiler is operating at 30, there is a problem and it could be dangerous.  There are other causes too, like a water logged expansion tank (if you have an older home, these were common).  Bottom line, this is NOT a do-it-yourself project and you would be best suited to call a service contractor to diagnose and fix the problem.  You should be doing this anyway, to get the system serviced for Fall.  All gas, oil or propane fueled heating systems should be professionally serviced about now to make sure that they are operating safely and efficiently.

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